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What Is Going On In Our Schools?
Helping Frustrated Parents Understand How Our Kids Are Being Taught and Why

As parents, we expect that our schools are providing our kids with foundational skills and knowledge in math, reading, science, and other important core subjects. However, not only does it seem like our children are more confused than ever, but international test scores reflect just how far behind our students are becoming. What is going on? Author and educator Marc Lapointe discusses the ideas, philosophies and teaching methods that dominate the education system in North America in an attempt to help parents understand not only what’s happening, but also arm them with the knowledge to advocate for their kids.


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A Little Common Sense Can Go a Long Way:
How Parents Can Help Their Children Become Successful Learners (Available on Amazon)

There is growing frustration among parents over the effectiveness of our system of education. Questionable teaching methods, a watered-down curriculum, and a focus on largely unproven educational theories have created a generation of young students who lack foundational knowledge and basic skills and in math and reading.  

In a concise and engaging manner, Marc Lapointe shows how you, as a parent, can make a big and lasting difference in your child’s education through intelligent, commonsense actions. Filled with straightforward insight and guidance, A Little Common Sense Can Go A Long Way takes a close, no-nonsense look at what elementary students should learn and how parents can make sure their children not only gain the knowledge and skills they need, but also empower them to success in school and in life.

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 The Common Sense Education Series (Amazon kindle) – $1.49

The Common Sense Education Series consists of three short ebooks.  These concise and accessible volumes highlight information from key chapters from Lapointe’s book A Little Common Sense Can Go A Long Way.  Each book in the series is designed to give parents valuable information and guidance in those areas that elementary students typically experience academic challenges.  Not only are these ebooks full of excellent content, their price point makes them an exceptional value.